Moggill/Bellbowrie/Anstead Transport Forum

For Information about the Moggill/Bellbowrie/Anstead Transport Forum held on the 8th October, 2023 - Why it was held and what was discussed by the speakers on the day etc - please go to the Community Conversations page here

Attendee Survey Reponses and Ways Forward

Thank you for attending the Lions led Transport Forum on the 8th October at Moggill State School.  We emailed you a summary of the afternoon along with a link to watch the event back in full and provided all attendees an opportunity to complete a survey to provide vital information to our Club to let us know what your preferences were after listening to our three speakers on the day.


We also requested our various government representatives and candidates provide a formal response as well.


Please find in the below link a copy of Transport Forum Survey results and the representative responses (in the Dropdown Menu below) we have received for your information.


What continues to be raised and made apparent to the Lions Club is the need for further community conversations to explore the ideas discussed and raised at the forum by both the experts and those who answered the survey.


We believe the first step that needs to be taken is to formally seek clarification as to whether any progress has been made on the following proposed studies:

And request that a study be completed to identify ways to improve the access to and efficiency of public transport and cycleways.


What was obvious to us is that the community needs to keep meeting/discussing what will best to address Moggill Road congestions and how to improve community safety during times of natural disaster given that:


Whether that is by holding further community meetings/forums or to continue to discuss the issue at community conversations, the Lions Club will now be discussing the next steps that need to be taken. Hopefully we can share our thoughts with you shortly.


However, in the new year the Lions Club will be establishing a number of community working groups, two of which will be seeking improvements of local community facilities and services, as identified in the survey results, such as:


Again, we appreciate your support and input to the discussion on "What's Best for the West" and we look forward to seeking ways to improve our community's life through community input.

Final Transport Survey Results 311023.pdf