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Step 1 - Kenmore & Chapel Hill Community Information Gathering Session - Sunday 25th February, 2024 - Completed

The first Community Conversations for residents of Kenmore/Chapel Hill will be held on Sunday 25 February at Kenmore Library Meeting Room.  This is an initiative of the Community Infrastructure and Wellbeing Committee (CIW).

We’re seeking to learn more about what matters most to you, about your community.  To support this we’re adopting a ‘kitchen table conversation style’ engagement approach to provide an opportunity for community members to sit down and explore questions centred around topics of local interest.

This conversation is one of several that we'll be having with various communities across Brisbane West - the first two in Moggill and Mt Crosby have been completed.  Each one is a chance for us to better understand what residents aspire for their local community, the concerns they have and what they believe might make a difference in strengthening the community.  We'll take what we learn from these conversations and use it to help make our work in the community more effective.

Guided by Table Hosts, the aim of the community conversation is to build and deepen our sense of community whilst listening to and exploring a range of ideas on local matters. Recognising that what’s important in one location within our area may be different in another, the Brisbane West Lions are planning to hold a series of community conversations across our local area to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Currently planning is underway for one last additional Community Conversation. Watch this space for further information....

After the first Community Conversation has been held, the information from each of the tables will be collated into a report and presentation that will ‘bring together’ the discussions. This report will be the basis for the second Community Conversation which all participants of the first are invited back to attend.

Step 2 - Report Summary & Strategy Presentation - Sunday 21 April, 2024 - Completed

The second Community Conversation for Kenmore and Chapel Hill residents is centred around confirming that the CIW Committee has accurately documented attendees discussions, their thoughts and their ideas of how matters should be addressed.  At the end of the second Community Conversation the CIW Committee will prepare an Ideas, Actions and Strategy Report. 


Once the report has been collated and discussed at a Lions Club meeting it will be made available on-line for residents to review.  As a well-respected community-based organisation, the Lions will continue to discuss and hold conversations with our locally elected representatives to determine the best way forward to have the needs of the community met.


It is expected that some matters identified by the Community Conversations will be within the community’s ability to address themselves, with the support of the Lions Club and community volunteers.

The President of the Brisbane West Lion Club believes listening to and exploring ideas together has the power to create real change in our local communities, “It’s exciting to think we are going to bring together members of our community to discuss and envision a way forward on matters that will undoubtably improve our community. We’re really looking forward to the first conversation in Kenmore and anticipate the participants will enjoy the process.”

If you are interested in volunteering as a Table Host or Scribe for this conversation or future conversations, the Lions Club of Brisbane West President, John Williams, is happy for you to contact him on 0413 435 599 to discuss how easy this would be and will include a one hour training session or you can submit an enquiry on the Contact Us page.

Locations for Community Conversations

Next Conversation!! For Communities in Brookfield/Upper Brookfield/Kenmore Hills/Pullenvale & Pinjarra Hills

Where - Brookfield Uniting Church Hall 

When: 2pm-4pm

Kenmore/Chapel Hill - Completed - Report to Come

Moggill/Bellbowrie/Anstead - Complete - Link to Lions Community Report here

Karana Downs/Mt Crosby/Kholo/Lake Manchester - Complete - Link to Lions Community Report here

Moggill/Bellbowrie/Anstead Community Conversation Report has been completed - Report is here

Karana Downs/Mt Crosby, Kholo & Lake Manchester - Community Conversation Report has been completed - Report is here

"What's Best for the West?"

Held Sunday 8th October, 2023

Transport Forum Video & Summary

The Transport Forum was recorded for those across Brisbane West who couldn't attend on the day but wanted to learn and understand from the experts.  The YouTube link is across to the left of the page which runs for approx. 2 hours.  

Here is also a link for those who may prefer to read a summary of the event instead - Forum Summary

On Sunday the 8th October The Lions Club of Brisbane West brought together a panel of transport experts and planners to discuss solution for improving travel times on Moggill Road.

Guest Speakers

Dr Elin Charles-Edwards - UQ

Dr Elin is a Population Geographer and Demographer. Her research is focused on understanding patterns, processes and determinants of human migration and mobility and its impacts on local and regional populations. he co-wrote a Journal called "Greening the Commute: Assessing the Impact of the Eleanor Schonell ‘Green’ Bridge on Travel to the University of Queensland, Australia"

Prof Mark Hickman - UQ

The TAP (Australian Transport Assessment and Planning) Chair and Professor of Transport Engineering within the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland. Prof Hickman has taught courses and performed research in public transit planning and operations, travel demand modelling, and traffic engineering. His areas of research interest and expertise include public transit planning and operations, urban transportation planning, and the application of remote sensing technology for traffic management

Chris Cox - Brisbane West BUG

Chair of Brisbane West Bicycle User Group (BUG) - a community based, volunteer run organisation representing the interests of people who ride or would like to ride bicycles in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The BUG lobbies for dedicated cycling infrastructure suitable for all ages and abilities and improved overall riding conditions. Also secretary of Bicycle Queensland, a spokesperson for the Space4cycling Brisbane and a member of the joint BCC/Qld Government Active Transport Advisory Committee.

Why Did We Hold This Event?

During the past 6 months the Lions Club Community Infrastructure & Wellbeing Committee (CIWC) has engaged with residents by implementing our Community Conversations initiative to gauge ways the Club can advocate for improvements in our communities.  To date we have met with residents in the Moggill, Bellbowrie, Anstead, Karana Downs, Mt Crosby, Kholo and Lake Manchester areas.  To no surprise to us there are quite a few topics of concern across these communities but the biggest is traffic congestion on Moggill Road, lack of public transport options and disconnection to the wider region.  

What became apparent during the Community Conversations was that:

In order to assist our community to move forward on these issues and to have meaningful discussion and action, the CIWC organised this forum.

To view the full reports please visit the Finished Reports and Knowledge Library Page

Thank you CIWC (Community Infrastructure & Wellbeing Committee)